Tips For Kids’ Dental Care

While it is true that the genetic component plays a key role in determining how good your kids’ gums and teeth will be, as parents you can create an excellent impact on the dental health of your kids from an early age.

Relationship between Dental Health and Aging

Relationship between Dental Health and Aging As human beings grow older, it becomes more crucial to stress on proper dental and teeth care. There is a popular misconception that it is inevitable to lose a tooth. However, it is incorrect as...

Myths about Oral Health

Myths about Oral Health Your mouth serves as the window to how healthy you are. However, there may be several confusions related to how oral care impacts the well-being of a person. Here are some of the myths of oral care busted. When there is...

Effect of Menopause on Tooth and Gums

Effect of Menopause on Tooth and Gums Whenever the hormone levels in a woman’s body undergo drastic changes, they affect her gums and the other tissues that are located nearby. It also has an effect on the surrounding tissues whose function is...

Nutrition Strategies for Healthier Teeth

Nutrition Strategies for Healthier Teeth Many people do not realize how important dental health is. Moreover, the type of nutrients one takes in can also have a big impact on his or her dental health. It is impossible to chew if you don’t have...

Excessive Junk Food Causes Damage to the Teeth

Excessive Junk Food Causes Damage to the Teeth When you munch on something or drink copious quantities of aerated liquids, bacteria takes root on the enamel of the teeth resulting in cavities, tooth decay, chipped teeth, stained teeth and so...

Tips on How to Keep Your Teeth White

No matter how hard you brush your teeth or try to floss them, you are still bound to end up with some form of teeth discoloration. The loss of that signature whiteness, that was once normal in your teeth, can be attributed to a lot of things....

Foods That are Surprisingly Bad for your Teeth

Foods That are Surprisingly Bad for your Teeth What foods are bad for your teeth? Any three year old will tell you right away the sugar, anything sweet is bad for your teeth. True, it is the most often cited food that destroys teeth, but they are not the...

Do Soft Drinks Harm Your Dental Health?

Do Soft Drinks Harm Your Dental Health? When was the last time you were outdoors, feeling tired and you decided to drink pure water to alleviate the feeling? Most people prefer soft drinks in situations like this. The alluring taste that soft...

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