Nutrition Strategies for Healthier Teeth

Many people do not realize how important dental health is. Moreover, the type of nutrients one takes in can also have a big impact on his or her dental health. It is impossible to chew if you don’t have your teeth. You can eat nuts, fruits and raw and crunchy veggies. Try to include plenty of lean protein, as well as, fresh vegetables in your diet. Processed foods should be avoided as much as possible especially if their simple sugar proportions are high. Fish oil is very good for your dental health. Here are some useful nutrition strategies for maintaining your oral health.

Green tea

Occurrences of toxic products produced by bacteria and threat of bacteria can be reduced through intake of Polyphenols. Green tea is also supposed to be a rich source of fluoride that is the most popular strengthener for your tooth.


Plant foods such as cranberries constitute of anthocyanins that discourage the colonization and attachment of pathogens on your teeth’s tissues. Other rich sources of anthocyanins include raspberries, black rice, eggplant peel, red cabbage, blueberries.


Their intake helps in the reduction of certain conditions such as plaque and gingivitis. Fermented food has bacteria that may reduce Pathogens’ growth in one’s oral cavity. If you want to know more about nutrition for healthy teeth, visit your dentist in Holly Springs.