Myths about Oral Health

Your mouth serves as the window to how healthy you are. However, there may be several confusions related to how oral care impacts the well-being of a person. Here are some of the myths of oral care busted.

When there is a bad breath, it indicates that you are suffering from a gum disease

Though bad breath is an indication of gum disease, it can be also a symptom of other problems related to your health. You can be only sure about the root cause when you visit your dentist Holly Springs. In case your dentist gives you a clean chit of health, you can consult your primary care doctor. That’s because there may be other reasons for your bad breath such as bowel obstruction and acid reflux, or any other digestive issue.

Sugar is the main cause of tooth decay

According to some dental experts, sugar may not be the reason for tooth decay always. Though sugar does play some part in tooth decay, it may not be the main culprit. Mouth bacteria may form an acid that gets combined with saliva to build up plaque in your teeth. This is a common phenomenon due to consumption of starch and carbohydrates.

A gum disease may not be common

Contrary to the myth, occurrence of gum disease can be quite common. As humans grow older, they are more vulnerable to infections and that include infections in their gums.

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