Foods That are Surprisingly Bad for your Teeth

What foods are bad for your teeth? Any three year old will tell you right away the sugar, anything sweet is bad for your teeth. True, it is the most often cited food that destroys teeth, but they are not the only ones. Ask any dentist in Apex and they will you tell you that it is not just the sugar that you should be worried about. Food attacks the food in two ways, first by leaving behind food for bacteria in the mouth, and second, by eating away at the enamel over time. Sugars feed bacteria and acids kill the enamel.

Foods you didn’t know were bad for teeth


Shocking? Well, apples are quite acidic, that’s what makes them so tasty. An apple a day will not keep your dentist away, so soon after munching down on apples, make sure you drink some water, or just simply rinse your mouth, restore the balance.

Cough drops:

They are hard and often made with sugar to make it palatable, they are also kept in the mouth for a long time, causing a lot of damage. Opt for sugar free cough drops.


In fact any preserved food is placed in a solution of highly acidic brine or vinegar. They are delicious, sure, but remember to always drink a lot of water, but wait a few hours before you brush.


Meat is normally muscle tissue and it made of fibers, and they can get caught between teeth. There are times when you may not even feel the fibers between your teeth and this can eventually go bad and will become a pool of bacterial growth.

Enjoy what you eat and always remember to drink a lot of water. Visit your dentist in Apex regular and have them checked for any kind of damage.

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