Excessive Junk Food Causes Damage to the Teeth

When you munch on something or drink copious quantities of aerated liquids, bacteria takes root on the enamel of the teeth resulting in cavities, tooth decay, chipped teeth, stained teeth and so on. Unfortunately, it does not end there, you can fall prey to damaging the gum, bones and the overall structure of the teeth.

The Chapel Hill Dental Clinic is among the best-known places to visit for your oral health. The dentist attends to the problem from the very root and with the right dental insurance, you can pretty much get yourself a new set of teeth. Down the line however, if you are not careful about your eating habits, the implants, root canals, bridge work, dentures, cavities and so on are going to give way.

Enamel and Gums Suffer

The cocktail of food that provides no nutrition always looks and smells appealing. Kids usually fall prey to this causing them to visit the dentist more often than they go to school! A diet rich in calories and junk food can cause a child to lose her or his pearly whites in favor of affordable dentures. It is therefore essential to educate parents and/or caregivers about the pitfalls of junk food.

There are good foods that fight tooth decay and deterioration with suitable nutritional value like calcium rich food (milk, cheese), folic acid, green leafy veggies and so on. The objective to get your teeth in good shape is to make sure that you floss after a meal. If you cannot, gargle the mouth so that any food lodged in the mouth is removed completely.