Dental Care for Your School-going Child

What usually goes on in your mind when your child’s dentist wants to know whether you are taking proper care of your school going kid or not? Well, apart from ensuring that he or she brushes teeth regularly and is used to flossing, your child’s dental care will remain incomplete till you take him for a visit to the dental clinic for professional cleaning and routine checkup.

Rule 1: Brushing should be done at least twice a day

Your child has started going to school and his healthy gums and teeth are quite crucial, especially at this stage. Make sure that your kid is brushing his teeth preferably after every meal with low-fluoride toothpaste if he is below six years of age. When he becomes six years old, he can use the same fluoride toothpaste that the adult family members are using in the use. If that is not possible, it should be done at least two times a day.

Rule 2: Use of proper toothbrushes

You need to ensure that the tooth brush that your kid uses has bristles of uneven height and is soft so that the gums and teeth of your child can be cleaned properly. After using the brush, train your child to clean it properly with water. The toothbrushes should be positively replaced after every three to four months.

Your child should be frequently encouraged to rinse her mouth properly with tap water every time she has snacks and lunch so that there is no trace of any leftover food inside the mouth. If your kid participates in sports or physical activities in the playground, make sure that he or she has a well-fitted mouth guard while doing so. Packing a healthy lunch for school is also one of the good steps to ensure proper dental hygiene.