Can braces be used for adults?

Braces are not limited to any particular age group and if adults have crooked or misaligned teeth that are leading to trouble in biting then they should talk to family dentist Cary to see if braces or retainers can solve the problem. Dentist Cary will take teeth impressions along with mouth x-rays and enquire about general health before suggesting a suitable treatment plan to correct the problem.

Types of braces

Brackets – These are like small squares bonded to front of every tooth with special bonding agents or orthodontic bands. These have handles to hold the wires moving teeth in place and are made of stainless steel, ceramic and plastic. If a patient wants to keep them out of sight then brackets can also be fixed to the back of teeth by dental clinic Cary.

Headgears – Facebrow headgear is a wire gadget that helps move uneven upper molars into natural place inside the mouth and to create space between crowded teeth. This gadget is shaped like a horseshoe that fits into the mouth and is supported by buccal tubes attached on upper teeth. A rubber strap is connected from the facebrow to headgear strap that goes around the mouth.

Invisalign® (removable, corrective dental trays) — If the teeth condition is not very severe then dental care Apex may advice less tedious methods like mini braces or removable plastic retainers to correct the problem.